GOLD Photography

Photography plays an integral part in the GOLD creative development process. From the beginning of this project, young people have participated in photography workshops and were given access to cameras and equipment to develop these skills. Most had no prior experience in photography.

A significant body of work has been produced by both young people and experienced artists working with Big hART. The opportunity to photograph farming families in so many diverse locations has been a very rich and rewarding experience.

These images have been exhibited in various formats; as large mounted prints in the GOLD-CROP installation and on newsprint in the GOLD Lab & Exhibition.

GOLD-CROP Germination

These images were taken on the many trips to farming communities in 2006 and 2007. They were exhibitied as part of the GOLD Lab & Exhibition at the Griffith Regional Gallery in Oct 2007 and subsequently toured to various communities, conferences and forums.

The images were orginally printed on newsprint and collated as newspapers. Copies of the newspapers were sent to politicians, CEO's, heads of departments and community leaders around the country.

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gold-crop self sown

These images are entries that have been submitted to the various GOLD Photographic Competitions that have been conducted since early 2009.

The GOLD team invites you to submit your images of people and place from anywhere in the world where communities are being affected by a changing climate and water availability.

To submit your photo click here to check out the entry conditions.

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NOW showing
40 images
  Title Location Photographer
 Steve Boree Creek Christopher Saunders
  Telegraph Pole Goondiwindi Clare Atkins
  KenTalgarno Christopher Saunders
  Doug Goondiwindi Christopher Saunders
  Grant Trundle Christopher Saunders
  GOLD crew and Tim Stanthorpe Sarah Davies
  Heather Boree Creek Christopher Saunders
  Waide in the Murrumbidgee Narrandera James Edwards
  Patsy Goondiwindi Christopher Saunders
  Trundle School of Arts Trundle Christopher Saunders
  Steve & GOLD crew Boree creek Clare Atkins
  Water trough Boree Creek Ben Navin
  Ben's feet Hillston Ben Navin
  Filming Kangaroo Grass Boree Creek Christopher Saunders
  Grant underwater Griffith Sarah Davies
  Hillston house Hillston James Edwards
  Ken Talgarno Christopher Saunders
  Hume Weir Talgarno Jasmine
 Tim on water truck Trundle Christopher Saunders
  Kath Trundle Christopher Saunders
  Fan in shearing shed Boree Creek Fabian Hernandez
  Charlotte in the car Trundle Clare Atkins
 Ben refusing to try preg testing Goondiwindi Sarah Davies
  Charlotte in the paddock Trundle Clare Atkins
  Peter Stanthorpe Christopher Saunders
  Ken Talgarno Sarah Davies
  Building detail Griffith James Edwards
  Barb  Wentworth Sarah Davies
  Fencing on the Murray river flats Talgarno Christopher Saunders
  Marg Wentworth Clare Atkins
  Rainbow Talgarno Christopher Saunders
  Boys on their way home from school Trundle Christopher Saunders
  Hill & Clouds Talgarno Sarah Davies
  Ken in the Murray Talgarno Christopher Saunders
  China Trundle Christopher Saunders
  Sunset on the Hume Weir Talgarno Christopher Saunders
  Charlie - Trundle Hotel Trundle Christopher Saunders
  Kids in the sandhills Wentworth Sarah Davies
  Rosie Boree Creek Christopher Saunders
  Tim on the cairnTrundle Clare Atkins