About Big hART

This company is the greatest company of its kind in the world.                                  
Robyn Archer AO International Festival Director

Big hART is a group of people who have been making art together around Australia since 1992.

Big hART works in small towns and cities with people who often lack opportunity because of policy decisions, circumstance, survival issues or personal choice. The company experiments with the process of making art with such groups over long periods of time and in doing so provides opportunities that are inclusive and responsive to the community. This often creates new opportunities for participants, builds skills, assists regional development and helps foster a more inclusive Australian culture.

The finished work, the personal and social narratives it highlights, and the processes involved in its making, are then presented both locally and in national and international arts festivals, forums and the media. In this way Big hART projects aim to challenge and inform the narration of our nation.

Big hART’s programs have assisted over 4800 people experiencing severe disadvantage in 33 communities across Australia, helping them to make sustained changes in their lives.

In addition to GOLD, Big hART currently has a number of other projects around Australia including:



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