The GOLD Lab

The GOLD Lab is the workshop and development space for the project. From March 2007 – November 2008 the GOLD headquarters has been a shop in the main-street of Griffith. Here skills development workshops have been conducted, films edited, exhibitions curated, and project ideas discussed.

The GOLD shop has primarily been the domain of the young people. The GOLD Lab is an online representation of the shop. It contains road trip blogs, films under development, news articles, photographs, and reports on events and activities.

Read all about the stories we are telling and hearing, see the latest photos and videos from our workshops, from the perspective of the farmers and young people involved.

We have them listed in a variety of topics, such as:

Young people who have participated in GOLD
  • Ben
  • Paul
  • Sarah
  • Fabian
  • Robert
  • Savvy
  • Rowan
  • Joshua
  • Grant
  • Waide
  • Kurtus
  • Sayward
  • Kate
  • Carlie
  • Sera
  • Ingrid
  • Martin
  • Jeremy
  • Peter
  • Hayley
  • Leon
  • Tiffany
  • Mark
  • Magaret
  • Corey
  • Dimitrius
  • Jasmine
  • Melissa
  • Lucinda
  • Anna
  • Rodney
  • Katie
  • Jacob
  • Richard
  • Raymond
  • Jazz
  • Amy Jean


The GOLD Lab installed live in the Griffith Regional Art Gallery as part of the GOLD Lab Exhibition
A preview of what you can find in the GOLD LAB

Hume Weir: Day 3

by Robert on the 05.06.08

Ray has been farming on his property (across the road from Franks) all of his 86 years. The only time he has lived away from the Hume Weir was when he went to the army.

Once we were ready we headed over to Ray’s farm to be there by 9.00 am. Ray was nowhere to be found.... [READ MORE]

7th day Adventure-ists

by Ben on the 29.04.08

We were then taken to the stockyard, and while Peter informed us that we would be doing ‘Preg tests’ on some cows. For the un-informed, a preg test mainly consists of sticking your arm in the cow’s rear end and feeling around for a calf..... [READ MORE]

Gateway to the Never Never

by Ben on the 20.04.08

Kristy told us that ¼ of Bourke’s population had left town due to the drought and probably won’t come back. Usually the majority of Gidgee Guesthouse visitors are fruit pickers and farm workers who stay all season. However there hadn’t been any workers for the past 18 months. The only people staying at the guesthouse were a single backpacker, a federal government consultant for the intervention and us. [READ MORE]