GOLD Credits

'GOLD, is one of the most incredible projects that's going on all over Australia at the moment, which gives people the opportunity to tell stories of difficulty, of heart ache, and of problems on the land and to turn them into something positive.' Robyn Archer AO

Creative Producer: Christopher Saunders
Key Artist: Sarah Davo Davies
Community Producers: Michelle Kotevski, Melinda Collie Holmes, Casey Ankers, Kate Montague, Sarah Davo Davies
Filmmakers: Sarah Davo Davies, James Edwards, Clare Atkins, Brian Cohen, Tara Prowse, Briony Dunn, Mick Angus, Kate Montague, Bronwyn Purvis, David Webster, Andy Ross, GOLD young people
Photographers: Christopher Saunders, Sarah Davo Davies, Krystal Seigerman, Tim Williams, James Edwards, Clare Atkins, Keith Saunders,
Heiko Meins, Barb Sutton, Holly Rankin Smith, GOLD young people
Youth Support Worker: Holly Rankin Smith
Farming Liaisons: Ben Mitchell, Frank Kelly
Designers: Pablo Donnan, Karl Logge, Tessa Rapaport, Jane Simon
Collaborating Artists: Andy Ross, Graham Strong, James Waites, Shakthi Sivanathan, Mel Robertson, Vanessa Bates, Scott Howie, Lex Marinos, Leon Ewing, Bernadette Sweeney
Songwriters & Musicians: Andy Ross, Graham Strong, Tim Rogers, Peter O’Doherty, Reg Mombassa, Helen Saltos, Helen Healy, Kim Chalmers, Leichhardt Espresso Chorus - Ristretto, Youth Group, The Dunnaways, Dave Warner, Jenny Morris, Michael White
Community Photography: Harry Patton, Mark Scott, Amy-Jean Wiese, Jayke Clayden, Kim Chalmers, Barb Sutton, Don Millard, Fiona Bawden, Tracey Hardy, Helen Turner, Teagan Oliver, Russell Murphy, Daria Healy- Koljanin, Lennon family, Whyte family, Strong family, Merkel family, Patton family, Robinson family, Lloyd family, Harslett family, Sally Capell
Web Programming: Dan Menzies - Advanced Scripting
Policy Researcher: Sara Chesterman
Evaluation: Peter Wright
Big hART Creative Director: Scott Rankin
Big hART Consultants: John Bakes, John Culley, Michelle Kotevski, Alex Kelly, Sophia Marinos, Telen Rodwell, Bronwyn Purvis, Kerry Armstrong, Bob Targett, Lindy Mundy


Farming Families
Graham Garth Jan and Rosy Strong, Steve and Heather Harradine, Daniel O'Brien, Tim Kath Harry Lily and Charlotte Patton, Judy Ken Ben Kim Dan and Angela Mitchell, Ray Ken and Ann Merkel, Sherilyn Peter Lydia Luke and William Lennon, Patsy Danny Charleigh and Luke Robinson, Emma Keraghan, Basil and Mari Lloyd, Jean Rob Peter Rosie Alec Denise and Tim Harslett, Morwenna and Francesco Arcidiancono, Margaret and Malcolm Whyte, Don Millard, Barbara Sutton, Eric Wright, Tim Williams, Peter Tim Ben and Sarah Clay, Frank Kelly, Morris and Peter Starr, Ann Wortmann, Cathy and Rob Webster, Paul Anna and Jamie Anne Rossetto, Gail and John Heindrich, Dell Patton, Paul Hevers, Val Grinter, Cherie Quade, Danielle Wright, Bernadette Boneham, Carol Schneider, Leslie and Tim Hawker , Doug and Carol Scott , David and Betsy Turner, Roy Kennedy

Young People
Ben, Paul, Sarah, Fabian, Robert, Savvy, Rowan, Joshua, Grant, Waide, Kurtus, Melissa, Lucinda, Sayward, Dimitrius, Hayley, Kate, Carlie, Sera, Ingrid, Martin, Jeremy, Peter, Leon, Tiffany, Mark, Margaret, Corey, Jasmine, Anna, Rodney, Katie, Jacob, Richard, Raymond, Jazz, Josh, and Amy Jean



Individual Community Support
Robyn Archer, Helen Healy, Ross Lake, Vikki Moore, Sharyon Peart, Vernon Knight, Kent Farrell, Graham Downie, Diana Byrne, Sally Capell, Pat Cox, Amy Hardingham, Lincoln Rankin Smith, Norm Robinson, Ajita Cannings, Barb O’Hara, Jonathon Stark, Alison MacGregor, Rohan Ashley, Judy and Richard Bertalli, Daniel O’Brien, Dudley Marrow, Liz Piper, Grace Jones, Sarah Jones, Suzie Creedon, Kenny Linehan   

Community Partners
Queen Street Studio, Art and About, Helen Healy Organisation, Arts Mildura, Trundle Library, Trundle Hotel, Trundle Ex/Service and Citizens Club, Trundle Bush Tucker Day, Bethanga Gymkhana, Griffith City Council, Personnel
Employment, Langunyah House, Griffith City Library, Griffith Regional Art Gallery, Griffith Regional Theatre, The Area News, Southern
Riverina Youth Support Services, Griffith Neighbourhood House, TAFE NSW Riverina, Griffith Police, Griffith CSIRO, De Bortoli Wines,
Outback Theatre for Young People, Wodonga Sale Yards, Goondiwindi District Promotions, Stanthorpe Heritage Museum, Taralga Springs Beef, Arcadia Saltbush Lamb, Chalmers Wines, Mildura Brewery, Just Go Nuts, Photocentric


GOLD Funding Partners


NSW Premier’s Department



 Federal Attorney General's Department